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How an Oakland Web Design Company can be beneficial for your business?

No website, no business– this is something you may have heard many times. Whether you are the owner of a small company or an MNC, you should keep your online presence at the top of your priority list. Today, technology has made it possible that you can find anything on the internet with just clicking on the buttons. People go online to seek a product or service; it is clear that having a website is mandatory for every business owners who want to touch the sky. If you really want to achieve your business goals, then you should hire a company that can provide you with the best web designing services. In this guide, we are going to tell how hiring a Web Design Company in Oakland can benefit your business.


1. Fresh Promotion – Once you have a website, you need not spend additional money to tell some information or new products to your potential customers. You can customize your website and update that information on your own. But, when you use traditional methods such as TV ads, radio, newspaper ads, every time you have to spend a lot whenever you have to tell something new about your company.

2. Less expensive – Many companies spend a significant amount of money on promoting their business via traditional methods. But, when you use a website designed by professional web developers to advertise your business, it can make a huge difference. Not only it is less expensive than traditional methods, but it can create an impression on your visitors.

3. Beat Your Competitors – The biggest advantage of hiring a web design company is getting a leg up on your competitors. Regardless of industry and area of expertise, it becomes difficult for new entrepreneurs to go ahead of their competitors. A well-designed website can enhance your visitors and make them invest in your business.

4. Brand Development – Irrespective of business size, a well-maintained website can help you to target the needs of your target audience. Not only you will reach your potential customers, but this will promote your business on different platforms too.

These were the benefits that you can reap from a website design company. If you are hunting for a company that can provide you the best web designing services at affordable rates, then IT Wishes can turn out to be the best option.

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Digital marketing agency San Francisco: Finding the right industry expert for your campaign

Investing in a wrong digital marketing agency can easily drain away your resources and funds because you are going to land nowhere through their work. While clients look for just one mandate that is to launch a social media campaign that becomes viral, not every digital marketing agency in San Francisco can deliver the same.


Social Media Marketing : The new social media platforms have become an aspect that no one can ignore. Entrepreneurs may use their social media accounts to tweet and post their own beliefs from time to time. But, things like interactive customer engagements or addressing the customer grievances are also what brands have to take care of.

That is why it is essential for a digital marketing agency or a social media manager to take care of the brand’s marketing requirements. Keep on reading to get some expert tips on spotting out the right digital marketing agency capable of doing justice to your social media and digital marketing campaigns.

The agency’s work culture: It may hardly be on anyone’s mind that the company’s culture can be important. What an entrepreneur may value is pure performance-based work. Unfortunately, things do not work like that! Small talks and wrong attitude exhibited after and before a meeting can speak a lot about the agency that one intends to hire.

One must be assured that a company is taking their culture seriously. Apart from that, one has to gauge how much aligned is the work culture of the digital marketing agency in San Francisco with that of yours.


Staff handling your work: one of the most frequent complaints encountered in the digital marketing industry is that agencies overpromise experience. However, it is generally the junior staffers who are going to manage your project for delivering results.

It is imperative to ask who would be developing and pushing your marketing campaign. It is obvious that you want the experienced staffers to handle your accounts that the desired results are achieved.

Core strengths: According to their specialisation in the core areas, different organisation are good at handling different kinds of tasks in a better way. You have to underline and list your business requirements first and then focus on finding a digital agency that can represent your business in the best way.

Rapport and trust: The digital marketing strategies are continuously evolving and changing. Can you pose confidence in their ability to understand your changing requirements before appointing plans?

Relevant Industry Experience: Always choose a digital agency that has previously worked in the industry that you operate in. A relevant industry experience, and a record of good performance in the past, increases the chances of your project’s success. Having worked in the same industry, the digital marketing agency would be knowledgeable about the ins-and-outs of that particular industry. They can figure out what works and what does not? See their profile and go by your gut instinct.

Applying the above criteria, one can surely figure out a digital marketing agency in San Francisco which can deliver what it promises.

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Useful tips to hire the best IT Services and Support Company – ITwishes

Today, IT Services encompass a wide range of fields including bio-informatics, cloud computing, web technologies, knowledge bases, global information systems etc. Regardless the type and size of a business, a growing company needs a dedicated and a professional IT support services team that works exclusively for the enterprise.

IT services

A professional IT service provider offers customer relation management, business process automation, storage and retrieval and information access services to the companies and help them to manage and run their business in a more efficient and profitable way.

Tips to hire the best IT Service Company :- 

Follow the below listed tips to choose the best IT services and support company:

1. Identify your goals- Identify the requirements of your business and choose a company according to that. It’s necessary for you to clear your goals with the company you are hiring so that they can provide you services according to that.

2. Sample work- Before you go and hire any company, it is vital to check the samples of their work. This will give you an ideal reference point for what they can provide you in terms of IT support and services.

3. Track record- It is crucial that you hire a company that has experience and a strong track record. Moreover, make sure that you check the company’s portfolio and the number of clients among other factors for getting a better understanding.

4. Cost- Make sure that the company you are selecting provides quality work and expertise that justify the cost. To find an affordable one, make a list of IT support and services companies available on internet and compare their prices.

While these were some tips and advantages of hiring the best IT support and services company, there are many others such as decision making, effective data management, enhanced online marketing, improved customer support, comprehensive monitoring etc. If you are looking for an IT company to fulfill your business goals, then it is advisable to get in touch with IT Wishes.

IT wishes is the best IT services and support company offering the best business IT solutions across Bay area to their clients at reasonable prices.


Top 3 Reasons to Hire an IT service Company

Regardless the type and size of a business, a growing company needs a diligent and a professional IT support services team that works exclusively for the enterprise. They enable an organization to stay competitive and curb any potential IT costs. They help them to enhance their flexibility by means of IT support, which further increased their profit.

Many businesses and organizations have relied solely on in-house IT teams, but now the scenario is changing. According to researches, more and more businesses are recognizing the importance of IT firms.

If you are looking forward to outsourcing a company that can offer you IT services, then you can find many options. It can be daunting to decide which one to choose, but a little research can worth it. Before you make your decision, you need to know the benefits of IT services. In this guide we are going to tell the same:

1.Effective Management of Data: A technical issue or virus can create lots of problems in the operations of an organization. Due to this, you may have to suffer from data loss which can damage your business reputation. With a comprehensive IT support department, you can manage your business data efficiently.

2.Network Monitoring: Today’s world is saturated with countless numbers of hackers. Not all hackers are bad, but some hackers look for a company’s loopholes. They stole their data and use that data for their personal benefit. A team of IT professionals monitors your network and protects your data and devices from the hackers.

3.Decrease Employee Downtime: You will never wish to see that your employees are wandering here and there because of an IT issue is preventing them from working. According to a survey, it has been reported that around 200 companies lost their revenues of $265 billion due to IT failures. An IT support service company will keep an eye on your network 24/7/365 so that they can immediately fix those IT issues.

These are the reasons you should hire a company that can provide you IT support services. If you are looking for a company that can offer you IT services, then ITwishes can turn out to be the best option.


How to Choose the Right Video Surveillance Equipment For Your Business? – ITwishes

As the technology advances, CCTV cameras are bringing some other benefits to the businesses which are way beyond the security. They help the businesses improve their productivity by protecting the valuable assets. So, making a right choice for video surveillance equipment is no more an option; instead, it has become a necessity.


However, with so many options around, picking the system that best fits your company is little difficult. Well, don’t worry! Read the below-given considerations and you will end up making a right choice.

Check the requirements for camera:-

1. Location:- Decide where you want to install the camera/cameras- inside or outside the building. Depending on this, you will need the camera featuring moisture-proof and dust-proof housings.

2. The area you want to cover: Determine the area you want to cover for surveillance. You can use static cameras for smaller areas but if you want to scan a wider area, you would need a camera with wide-angle lens. PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras are perfect for larger areas due to their range of view and zoom ability.

3.Lighting conditions: Depending on whether you need the video surveillance equipment to work mainly during day or night, you would need to choose the camera accordingly. If you want to monitor the area with different lighting conditions, make sure the camera has artificial illuminators and IR filters.

4.Image quality: Image quality depends on the resolution and it further depends on the area you need to cover that what resolution will meet your surveillance needs. In general, high-resolution cameras are best fit for wider areas and low-resolution cameras can effectively serve the purpose in smaller areas.

Well, cameras are just a part of the video surveillance; having a professional surveillance and management software is also important. The advanced features (like event-triggered recording, email/SMS notification to your phone and ability to search video archives) provided by these software ensure enhanced video surveillance for your business place.

If you need ongoing maintenance service or help with purchasing, installing or configuring video surveillance equipment, you must visit our website.


5 Best Ecommerce solutions to help you build an online store – ITwishes

There are lot of eCommerce solutions out there and when it comes to choosing the best E commerce solutions for online store, a lot of things come into play. To choose best solution for your requirement, you should do a lot of research so that you can excel in your business goals. Now let’s see some of the best Ecommerce solution to help you build an online store.


Things to consider before choosing – What you should you choose? A hosted or self-hosted solution? This is the initial aspect that you should choose and it has two options –

●  Hosted ecommerce solution (more user-friendly)
●  Self-hosted ecommerce solution (more advanced & flexible)

To find out which option suits you better you should consider few things like whether you are good with coding. You should have enough knowledge about computers to choose self-hosted solution but if you don’t know much then, hosted ecommerce is the best.

Cost effective – This is one of the facts which is usually associated with the type of ecommerce solution you are choosing. So, if you are opening an online store for a start-up then you should invest wisely and choose a cost efficient and cheap solution. However, if you have an enterprise level business, this wouldn’t bother you at all and you can choose the best solution.

Flexibility – If you want a more advanced and diverse online store experience which really give your online store a unique identity, you should really consider choosing the self-hosted solution as it provides you lot of advance options.

5 best ecommerce solutions to help you build an online store –

Ecommerce Solutions

Shopify – It is very comprehensive and provides you complete ecommerce as well as website building solution.
Wix eCommerce – It is the best and easiest way to build your online store without spending too much time on it.
BigCommerce – It is one of the reliable eCommerce website builder with distinct options usually gives you all the options you need.
Magento – It is an advanced self-hosted Ecommerce solution and you should have the advanced knowledge about coding to use it.
Opencart – It is easy reliable and the best thing, it is completely online but you require some coding knowledge to work in its interface.

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How can IT Securities be Beneficial for Small Businesses?

Most businesses use PCs, servers, and networks to send and store their data, financial information belongs to their customers and clients. There is no doubt that advancement in technologies acts as a boon, but some people use it in a wrong way. There are hackers and cyber criminals all over the world. They use their knowledge and technology for their benefit. Therefore, it is crucial that each business has a good security system in place.


Many companies hire IT professionals to protect their data and confidential information from the criminals and hackers. They use hardware and software to find a variety of cyber threats and stop them before they enter in your network. If you are looking forward to hiring a professional for IT securities, then you can find many options. It is difficult to decide which one to choose, but a little knowledge can help you. Before you go ahead, you need to know why you should hire an IT professional.

In this guide, we are going to tell the benefits of IT securities.

How can IT securities be beneficial for small businesses?

1. Protect your data from cyber criminals: A site with loopholes is easy to exploit; hackers look for such business sites. They think that small business owners are lazy and show unwillingness when it comes to investing in cyber security. Unfortunately, it is true. The businesses that don’t spend on IT securities give opportunities to hackers to access their data for their personal benefits. When you spend on IT securities, a professional will provide complete protection to your network and data.


2.Ensure everything goes right: A professional will run risk assessments to discover the areas that need extra protection. He/she will create firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-spyware programs to provide you a safe and secure network. It allows users to securely access the network from a remote location. If you want your employees to focus on their work, an IT professional can prevent users to abuse the office network for their personal use and downloads that may pose a virus threat.

3.Establish a data recovery Plan: If something goes wrong and someone gets an access to your data, a professional will establish a secure data recovery plan. Moreover, he/she will upgrade your network with the most up-to-date solutions and services.

These are the reasons why small businesses should invest in IT securities. There are many ways to protect your confidential information from the hackers, but only a professional can tell you better. If you are looking for a company that can help you with IT security, the ITwishes can turn out to be the best option.